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Watermelon originate from West Africa and signifies the start of summer so how about we make it summer all year round!

So we probably know what you are thinking.... How did you manage to dry a watermelon it is made mainly from water? what do you even call dried watermelon; just melon?

Believe us when we say it basically locks in all the flavour while removing the water; you are going to taste watermelon like you've never tasted before

They are full of powerful vitamins and minerals like fibre, Antioxidants, potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and many benefits.

So try our errm waterme .... dried melons today (help us with a name) and get the taste of the Jungle today.

Jungle Fact

Watermelons are actually part of both the fruit family and vegetable family.⁠

They have seeds in them and come from plants pollinated by bees but they are also of the botanical family of gourds. The gourds family members include pumpkin & cucumber. ⁠

You may have to start calling us JUNGLE VEGGIES soon


Nothing but 100% watermelon


The Dried Fruit Benefits

🍍1 OF YOUR 5 A DAY – These are the perfect on the go bites or snacking We all know how hard it can be to get our daily fruit fix which is why our freeze dried fruit snacks and gently dried fruit bites makes it easier for you to get your 5 a day. Our dried fruit snacks lock in all the tropical flavours meaning you can get your five a day and still taste the jungle. It is the best of both worlds all the healthy nutrients and tasty fruits all in one.  

🚫NOTHING ARTIFICAL OR PROCESSED - Literally no nasties just 100% fruit. You can put your mind at ease knowing that all our dried fruits are left just as nature intended; with nothing added. No more nasties in what we eat.  

🔪NO CHOPPING, NO PEELING, NO WORRIES – ‘Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase’ you don't need to worry for the rest of your days. We’ve got your sorted with all our special gently and freeze drying ways. It sounds better when you hear us sing it, believe us. You may be concerned about our song writing but you don’t need to worry about how you are going to peel your exotic fruits awkwardly on the go with sticky fingers. We've got you sorted. 

🌴TROPIC LIKE IT'S HOT - Have you ever heard of dragon fruit? or better yet have you ever eaten Lychee. Well, we want to share with you all the amazing fruits our Jungles have to offer. So, whether you are in the concreate jungles of London or the beautiful jungles in the amazon you will be able to get the taste of the tropics wherever you are. Pick from our range of dried fruits including mango, dragon fruit, jack fruit, passion fruit, and dried watermelon….. yes you heard correct watermelon.   

🌎JUNGLE GIVING - We are proud to say that we donate a proportion of our profits to help tackle deforestation locally and globally and help indigenous communities protect their lands. 

How To Use Dried Fruits

Now when it comes to fruits fresh is always best and dried is the next best thing. We love dried fruits because its versatility; nutrition and taste and here are just a few ways that you could use them. 

dried fruits for baking dried fruits for breakfast
When Baking For Breakfast
dried fruit snacks uk jungle fruits Dried fruit tea
For Snacking For Tea & Compote
dried fruits for beverages, cocktails, dry fruits for gin, juices, smoothies
For Smoothies And Juices

Nutritional Values


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