The Story of Jackfruit

What is jackfruit 

Jackfruit is making its way onto menus and social media platforms, but if you don't know what it is, this guide will help you understand the craze around it.

It is about time we say hello to Jack. 

Jackfruit is literally one of the newest kids on the block; it is an exotic super fruit which you could find in the most tropical regions of our world. It is said that Jackfruits originate from the tropical Jungles of the Western Ghats in South India.  

They are part of the Moraceae family meaning Jackfruits are related to Breadfruits, Figs and Mulberries.  

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They actually grow on an evergreen tree known as Jacktree and it’s height reaches around 24m in height and they are the largest fruit trees in the entire world. It doesn’t seem to have any taste or appearance similar to its other relatives. 

jackfruit tree


Jackfruits can also weigh a massive 35-50kg; imagine trying to do some dumbbell curls with these fruits. 

We mentioned earlier that Jackfruits are grown in the tropical regions of the world however with the increase in Jackfruit consumption they are becoming more readily available in other parts of the world including the UK.  

This little fruit is usually greenish or brown in colour and has a slightly bitter taste.  

Jack Fruit In Season

Jackfruit can be picked from March to June and from April to September depending on the region where it's grown. Off-season crops can grow during this time of year.


What does Jackfruit taste like? 

So Jackfruit has a really fruity sweet flavour and when it is dried it is even sweeter. People have compared the taste of Jackfruit as a mixture of Bananas, Mangoes, Pineapples and Apples.  

Young, unripe jackfruit is not sweet and has a neutral taste. It occasionally has a savoury smell though. 

How to eat Jackfruit? 

Jackfruit is a really versatile fruit and it can be eaten both cooked and raw. Many vegetarians and vegans use Jackfruit as a meat substitute because of its meat like texture and you can see some innovative jackfruit recipes in our recipes section.  

 Fresh Jackfruit

Dried Jackfruit

Canned Jackfruit

fresh jack fruits dried jacked jackfruit canned jackfruit pieces


Jackfruit can be consumed either plain or cooked and it really just depends on how sweet or savoury you want your dish you can also rehydrate dried jackfruit and use as a meat alternative. 


Check out this video using dried jackfruit as a meat replacement after being rehydrated



When fresh and ripe, it has a slightly sweet texture, but is less juicy. Its stringy, slightly fibrous nature makes it a great substitute for pulled pork. When dried it has a really chewy candy like texture.  

Why don't you try some of our dry Jack fruits with your Currys and yoghurts and let us know what they taste like. 


Jackfruit Calories  

Jackfruits have a moderate amount of calories, with around 92% of its total calories coming from carbs. 

Also, Jackfruit has pretty much every vitamin and mineral that our bodies need including fibre.  

Unlike other fruits, jackfruit has a high protein content. It provides about 3 grams of protein per cup whereas others fruits like apple and mango have between 0-1 gram.  

The benefits of eating jackfruit 

Although it has been popularised in the vegan community, Jackfruit has many potential health benefits that could be of use to everyone.  

It is a fantastic meat replacement 

Jackfruit can be used as a replacement for pulled pork, burgers, biryani you name; it is perfect if you are vegan or plant based. . Just boil it up for about 45 minutes, then add it to a sauce and serve. You can rehydrate dried jackfruit to make it fleshy again if you would like. Simply add water to your dried jackfruit and leave it to rehydrate for about 4-5 hours.  

You should know however that although jackfruit is similar to meat in its texture, its protein content is not as high as that of other meat substitutes. 

Quorn has around 13g per 100g, while Tinned Jack has around 1g. If you are looking for a more protein-rich alternative, look for meat that has around 27g per 100 g. So if you want a balanced diet you will need to add some extra protein to your jackfruit meals 

It is packed full of nutrients our body needs 

Jackfruit is also known to have a variety of antioxidants, which are believed to contribute to the overall health. It is rich in Vitamins A, B6 & C as well as potassium, magnesium and as mentioned earlier fibre.  

Jackfruits have a positive impact on the environment  

The consumption of jackfruits can help reduce the impact of food production on the environment. Its high energy consumption and low greenhouse gas emissions can help conserve land. One jackfruit tree can produce around 170 jack fruits in a year which then means less space is needed to grow these which in effect means less impact on our environment s when they are being harvested.  

Should we eat jackfruit 

Variety can help keep you on track with your goals and improve your overall health. This versatile fruit can be used in many different ways including fresh and dried.  

With it's various uses and health benefits you should make sure to contain this super fruit in your grocery bag. 

We would love to hear how you are using our dried jackfruits, make sure you tag us in your posts and keep a lookout for some of our jackfruit recipes coming out. 

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Debunking Jackfruit Myths

Contrary to popular belief, cooked jackfruit seeds are not toxic. They are full of nutrients, including protein, starch, and vitamin B.

Unfortunately, these seeds do contain tannins and enzymes, which can inhibit the absorption of nutrients. They should always be cooked before consumption.


Jackfruit where to buy

Ripe jackfruit is available fresh in Asian grocery stores and some health food stores. If you would like a whole jackfruit feel free to send us a message and we can possibly source them for you.

Unripe jackfruit is also available canned and these are available in many stores including wholefoods, planet organic, Sainsburys, morrisons, Tesco the list goes on.

Of course if you are looking for dried jackfruit what better place to get them than Jungle Fruits.  We sell a range of unique fruits online so come and taste the jungle today with our exotic fruits.



We hope you found this extremely useful and let us know how you eat your jackfruit. 

Jungle Fruits Team