WeWork Exotic Dried Fruit Pop Up

In celebration of Black History Month in October we worked alongside foundervine and Wework.

As part of their diverse founders programme they gave various brands and companies an opportunity to showcase their products and services across some of the most popular Wework buildings. 

 dried fruit snack held in wework

The companies included ourselves:

Jungle Fruits

and I am sure you all know we sell the rarest dried fruit snacks across the UK and beyond. We sold a range of exotic fruit and including our passionfruits, dragonfruits, mangoes, pineapples and all the other exotic ranges we  have. 

Other companies included in the showcase pop up event included:


They are a technology-driven platform designed to connect people with wealth and investment opportunities, by providing easy access to global investment products, as well as the ability to learn the language of investing.


Who sell a range of Herbs Personalised For Your Wellbeing. 

Talley App

A mental wellness startup that aims is to provide a safe place where people can speak to someone confidentially, and be listened to.

The mental savage club

Which is a community designed to challenge aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs to develop their mental toughness. 


A video-only matchmaking and relationship coaching platform.

It took place over 4 days across a range of different wework locations including

123 Buckingham Palace Road

Aviation House  

145 City Road

10 York Road