We are really proud to announce that we are supporting and partnering with SMASH; a new app helping young people to stay healthy, eat well and save money at the same time. 

smash app


The way the app does this is by using promotions to focus on healthy snacks and foods.

SMASH was created during lockdown by ex-KFC board member Chris Holmes, who was has also been a Managing Director at Paul Lindley, as well as being Chair of London’s anti-obesity Taskforce. 

1 in 3 children are overweight by the time they leave primary school, this increases to 1 in 2 by the time they reach age 24. Which is why Smash want to make an impact during the crucial teenage years to make an impact. 

Join us and many other brands in the movement today. 

Click here to read the SMASH manifesto

smash app manifesto
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