Shopify Build Black: Merchant Milestones

Hey Jungle Family just wanted to let you all know that our co-founder Manny will be joining a panel hosted by Shopify and other entrepreneurs to discuss how we have gotten to some of our most important milestones within our respective businesses and sharing many tips we have gained along the way. 

Here’s what you can expect during this two part event:

The Rise: Our first segment will be all about the hustle and grit it takes to rise up and stand out as an emerging brand, featuring Kyra of Kyra's Shea Medleys, MarLan of Get Laced, and Manny of Jungle Fruits.

The Grind: Our second segment will be all about the perseverance it takes to keep grinding even once you’ve established your brand, featuring Maeva of BREAD, Brandon of BAOBAB, and Chantal of Love and Nudes

You can sign up for this free webinar here

​​​​​​​WHEN: February 26 @ 12:00pm PST

​​​​​​​WHEN: February 26 @ 08:00pm GMT