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Hey Jungle Family, we hope you are all well. We wanted to let you all know that our co-founder Samuel is on the Happy Healthy Us Podcast hosted by the amazing Tukiya Mutupa. 

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The Mission of this podcast is to simplify building you and building healthy communities. Thier objective is to inspire and empower us with creative and simple ways to transform our communities.

We are featured in Season 1,Episode 4. In the episode, Samuel sits down to talk with Tukiya about creating a company that focuses on helping people whilst selling amazing healthy snacks. Sam also talk about everything from boat hopping in Madagascar to the rise of chicken shops in London.

Sam gives us an insight into climate regulation, the communities that live across the rainforests, and the biodiversity in the rainforests that allow us to live. 

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Email any questions, feedback, or collaboration requests:  tukiya@happyhealthyuspodcast.com

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