Pineapple & Our Immune System

Pineapples have been shown to boost our immunity and suppress inflammation. 

They have actually been used in traditional medicine for years (Rathnavelu et al, 2016). 

They contain many vitamins, minerals and enzymes and a whole load of other good things which helps boost our immune systems; especially bromelain (Maurer, 2001).

There was even a study by Cervo et al (2014) who found that children who had eaten pineapples over a 9 week period had a much lower risk of bacterial as well as viral infections and had almost 4 times more disease-fighting white blood cells than the children who did not. 

You know what they say; an apple a day keeps the doctors away but don't forget to add the pine. 

We sell a range of unique fruits including jackfruit, dragonfruit & passionfruit alongside this to help you get the taste of the jungle.

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