Are Lychees Good For You?

Hey jungle family, have you ever been in your favourite grocery store and whilst searching through the fruit & veg aisle, you come across an exotic fruit and ask yourself “How do I eat this?”. Similar to dragon fruit and rambutan, lychees can leave even the most adventurous people confused. Also known as the alligator strawberry because of it’s red, bumpy skin, lychees are small fruits packed with healthy nutrients with a sweet smell and taste.

Although lychees are small, there are numerous health benefits associated with it. Let’s take a look at a few:



Lychees are high in vitamin C and other antioxidants which work exceptionally well for boosting your immunity. Vitamin C works by stimulating the activity of our white blood cells which in turn protect the body against any foreign material. However, don’t just take our word for it, a 2006 study published in the Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism found that meeting the daily recommended intake of vitamin C was effective at reducing symptoms and shortening the duration of certain respiratory infections like the common cold.

lychee digestion


Lychees are packed with fibre and pectin which both aid in healthy digestion. They work by adding bulk to the stool which enables its smooth passage through the digestive tract. The fibre present in lychee also stimulates your gastric and digestive juices which promotes the efficient absorption of nutrients.

lychee blood circulation

Blood Circulation

Lychees are loaded with copper, and other essential minerals responsible for the formation of Red Blood Cells. Therefore, the copper content in lychees can bring about better blood circulation and increased oxygenation of the organs and cells.

lychee stronger bones

Stronger Bones

Lychees have a long list of other nutrients including magnesium, phosphorus, iron and manganese. These minerals are known to increase the absorption of calcium in bones, thus making them strong and healthy.