The limited edition papaya era

So as some of you know we have released a limited edition range and started this off with a very interesting exotic fruit known as the papaya.

Our dried Papaya range ran for about 3 months in the UK and we would like to personally thank everyone who had given their feedback; we are glad to hear many of you enjoyed it.

jungle fruits dried papaya exotic edible healthy fruit snack


For now, we will be bringing out another rare exotic fruit in the next few weeks but be sure to keep an eye out as we will be bringing these out again for you to enjoy. 

What is Papaya 

Well, the Papaya fruit is an exotic rare fruit and it is grown in very tropical climates. If you are used to spelling Papaya in a certain way don't worry as these fruits are called many different things all over the world. In Australia, they are known as pawpaws for example or papaws, in Southern Asia they are called kepaya while others call it fruta bomba,

The main places you can find these fruits growing are Mexico, The Caribbean, India, and even some parts of Florida, and guess what you can get them during all seasons pretty much so there is plenty of Papaya to go around.

The Papaya plant is very tall and can even grow as tall as trees with some papaya plants reaching around 8 meters in height; even the papaya plant leaves can grow as big as half a meter.

 tropical papaya tree

The papaya fruit itself takes the shape of an oval when it is fully grown and it can be anywhere between 7-52cm and can weigh up to 11kg.

Inside the fresh papaya, you can find its very juicy orange flesh as well as loads of black seeds the size of a pea.

Papayas can be used to make salads, jellies, pies, juices, salsas, smoothies, and edible fruit crisps.

Papaya In Season

Papayas are now available all year round with peaks usually in spring and autumn. When there is more rain there are more papaya fruits produced; so much for being a tropical fruit with all that rain right. 

How to eat Papaya

There are several different ways we can eat papayas. Most people are used to eating these exotic fruits in their fresh form but there are many other ways you can eat these rare fruits.

Here is just a few. 

 fresh papaya exotic fruit
dried papaya fruit crisps
freeze dried papaya powder
Fresh Papaya Fruit Dried Papaya Fruit Snack Papaya powder



What does Papaya taste like?

The best way to describe the taste of fresh ripe Papaya is to think about a mix between melon and mango. They are also very creamy and juicy in texture when fresh and they will literally melt in your mouth.

Dried papaya fruits are not too far off the melon and mango taste you get from fresh papaya; the only difference is that it does not have the creamy juiciness but it still tastes just as amazing.

How to store Papaya

Now the good thing is if we are talking about storing dried Papaya these can be stored for at least a year provided it is not exposed to any air.

As for fresh Papayas if it is not ripened you can just leave it on your table at room temperature until ripened. Once it is ripe it can be stored in a fridge for a week.

Can you eat Papaya Seeds?

A few people throw away the Papaya seeds after they cut the exotic fruit however it is perfectly fine to eat these seeds. 


exotic papaya seeds

As if that news does not get any better the papaya fruit seeds are also very nutritious containing a range of micronutrients and fiber.

In terms of flavor, they taste a bit like peppers and have a very crunchy texture.  

Is Papaya good for you?

The papaya fruit does not only offer a sweet rare taste and bright colors from the tropics to add to your fruit salads. It is also a major source of our much-needed vitamins and minerals. These include Vitamin B & C, folate, pantothenic, and nutrients such as potassium, copper, and fiber.
All these in combination help our cardiovascular system and our overall health.

rare jungle fruits dried papaya fruit snack


Papayas have been shown to help in the prevention of colon cancer, protect against Rheumatoid Arthritis and boost immune system function

Papaya is good for the eyes 

These exotic fruits are full of Vitamin A which helps reduce the degeneration of our retinas and protect our corneas. 

Papaya has anti-aging properties 

The Papaya fruit is bound to make your skin glow and it is a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids. These acids help us rejuvenate our skin and remove the layers of dead skin cells. 

Papaya is good for weight loss

The high fiber in Papayas helps us feel fuller for longer; papayas are also low in calories so eating them is a win-win. Remember we spoke about the black seeds earlier too?

Well, guess what the papaya black seeds can aid in weight loss too.


Should we eat Papaya?

Well with everything we have spoken about we hope you will give this amazing superfood a try.

Variety can help keep you on track with your goals and improve your overall health. This versatile fruit can be used in many different ways including fresh and dried.

With its various uses and health benefits, you should make sure to contain this super fruit in your grocery bag.

We would love to hear how you are using our dried papayas, make sure you tag us in your posts and keep a lookout for some of our papaya recipes coming out.

If you are looking for dried papaya in the UK or around the world be sure to check out or jungle fruits gently dried papayas.

We hope you found this extremely useful and let us know how you eat your papaya.

Jungle Fruits Team