Jungle Fruits

Snack packs

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Are you looking for a fruit box with Unique Fruits. 

Unsure which flavour of Jungle Fruits is going to be your favourite?

Why not give them all a go with our dried fruit mix!

100% exotic dried fruits
1 of your 5 a day - Perfect for snacking
No added sugar - High in fibre
Vegan friendly
No messy peelings or bruised fruit just dried Jungle Fruits

Fruits Included

Lychee out of stock; will be replaced with Mango or fruit of your choosing. Please add fruit you would like to swap with in the comments during your order.

 passion fruit jackfruit dried litchi lychee
Freeze Dried Passion Fruit 15g Gently Dried Jack Fruit 25g Out Of Stock

dehydrated mango

toasted coconut flakes dried watermelon
Gently Dried Mango 30g x2 Toasted Coconut 25g x2 Gently Dried Watermelon 17g
dried pineapple freeze dried pitaya cubes
Gently Dried Pineapple 30g Gently Dried Pitaya 28g


Our packing house contains nuts


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